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New York

It was such a wild trip to NY NOW. I am so glad we did this! It went really well - not too many stumbles either. We met a lot of great people at the show, sold some stuff, and pushed ourselves to take in as much of New York as possible. 

Above: View from our hotel room in crazy times square (nice that it was an easy walk to pier 94 - but way too much for us at the end of the day - Id rather walk farther and avoid that craziness next time.) Next photos from Rockefeller Center and Jeff Koons huge sculpture The Split Rocker - created with live flowers - really a great installation. Then on through Central Park and to the Guggenheim Museum. (This was on our last day - I accidentally but thankfully scheduled a day in NY after the show was over.)

We had fantastic weather not too hot and only a couple little sprinkles so we could walk everywhere - my real rookie move though was bringing a couple pairs of seemingly comfortable but stylish shoes…that were NEW. They were quickly packed back in my suitcase after one day of wearing and never seen again. 



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The show

We got in two days before the show started to ensure our boxes were there and we had enough time to set up. We arrived at Pier 94 and our stuff was of course not there and my booth walls were not up. We made some calls every one assured us it all be ready the next day.

The next day set up went great - Mike is so good at getting everything up straight/lined up - it was a long day but it looked fantastic once it was all set up. Its logistically so weird to be working with foam core walls and nothing but tape to hang things.

Once the show started, it was so much fun meeting and talking to different boutique owners, buyers, press, interior designers… we really enjoyed talking to people from all over the country.
I think we will have to go again next year!



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Before, after and in-between the show

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.27.23 AM.png

Coffee. Walking. Dinner. and more walking.

While waiting for boxes to arrive the first day we walked the High Line - a converted elevated railway that runs through the city. It is such a beautifully landscaped park/walking path. We stopped for a beer at the Biergarten a german beer haus under the High Line in the Meat Packing District that is part of the Standard (we need to stay there next time). Then walked the high line back to Chelsea for dinner at Cookshop - BEST blueberry margarita, oysters and watermelon/canteloupe trout SUCH a great first dinner.

After setup day we were starving... Lupa - Mario Batali's italian restaurant in Greenwich Village. Carbonara and Aglio Olio….AND wine, salumi plate, salad and cheese plate for dessert… seriously we floated out of there…and walked back to crazy times square.

Another highlight of the week was the little coffee shop we went to every morning for cold brew coffee - well mike had a quad americano every morning (crazy man). 

Other favorites were Empellon, a really great Mexican Taqueria in West Village, West Gotham Market, Balthazar with April and Steve and his friend Brad, the essential NY Pizza at Don Antonios in Hells Kitchen which thankfully was near our hotel.



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NY NOW Newest!

We are so excited to be debuting Redcruiser at this years NY NOW - Newest Show at the Piers. I can't believe the show starts in S I X days! Its been a lot of work pulling everything together, figuring out all the logistics of how to build a booth in NY from MPLS. But I think we have figured most of it out…with a little last minute scramble scheduled for the next few days! Its has been so great to see everything all together - I can't wait to get our booth set up!

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product/booth packed, booth built (we used manny stone), mailers sent, inventory packaged - check. two more days of last minute scramble, a day with my sweeties at the pool and we will be off. I am getting V E R Y excited!

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summer garden


Its exploding and we are loving it. It is so fun to wander around the garden and let it form our dinner! Look at that corn - first time we have grown corn so happy it is growing so well!

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its a red cabin kind of summer

We snuck in our annual birthday vacation (my husband and my birthdays are exactly one week apart in the middle of summer - we were meant to be!) This year we rented a cabin close to Two Harbors and played at the north shore for the week with the girls and roxy. It was hard to take a break with so much work getting ready for NY but was so great once I left it all…kayak rides, lots of exploring, roxy's first swim (she loved it) late night saunas, lots of games and a simple modern cabin complete with a pair of vintage skis and skateboard hung on the wall (both red of course).


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north shore state parks

Top two photos: Agate Beach at Goosberry Falls  - not crowded like the falls and so beautiful! 
Row Two: View from Lutsen, our secret beach by Silver Bay. Row Three: New to us hike at Tettagouche, Temperance State Park. Last Row: beach dog and Angry Trout - the best restaurant up there in the best little town - Trout Chowder and a beer!

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beer pairings

Lots of new pairings for my 2015 beer + food pairing calendar - which will available at the end of August. We had fun doing the extensive research for this project! The guys from the four firkins in st louis park helped me find all the different craft beers we were looking for.

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1920 cabins

at Buckhorn Lodge north of Grand Rapids on Caribou Lake. We stayed with my family + the mosquitos in a log lodge on "the clearest lake in MN." It really was a fantastic lake - great swimming and fishing - my dad caught a 20 lb lake trout! The lake was complete with a cute little island with nesting loons who would swim around us while on the paddleboat. oh summer - it is really the best and seriously going WAY too fast this year


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Cucumber Mint Gin + Tonic


Summers here! 

2 oz hendricks gin

bunch of mint


tiny spoonful of sugar or not or splash of pomegranate simple syrup or rhubarb simple syrup



Muddle mint and cucumbers in shaker. Add ice gin and whatever sweetener using - if any - shake. Pour over ice add tonic. 

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garden 2014


Much bigger - so pretty + space for every one!

Ordered - from seed savers, bakers heirloom, and jonnys

New this year: corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, cabbage

Old favorites: little gem, mizuna greens, bibb lettuce, red romaine, arugula, carrots, edamame, french breakfast radishes, kale, swiss chard, golden beets (well at least I like them) patty pan squash, spaghetti squash, black beauty zucchini, golden zucchini, tomatoes (black cherry, brandywine, a couple other new purples that I can't remember their name and I forgot to write down in my journal and my dog ate the marker… Rubys German) peppers, cucumbers, + pickling cucumbers this year! pole beans, onions + strawberries. 


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a few of my favorites

Spring is here - I love that slow shift to fresh garden eating - theres not really anything to gather from my garden at the moment - a handful of chives maybe/rhubarb soon… But these books are perfect for putting together meals that will satisfy that fresh garden craving.

The Forest Feast - I was so excited to Erin Gleeson's new cookbook. It is beautifully styled, photographed and illustrated and the recipes are homegrown and simple. Her blog is great too so is her inspiring cabin in the woods check out this tour of it...

It's All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow - This is a really great cookbook she put together with Julia Thurshen - a Brooklyn food writer. The recipes are healthy, fairly simple and there are some great smoothie and kids ideas too. My favorites lately from this book are Lee's Vietnamese Chopped Salad and Salmon with Sriracha Sauce.

The Sprouted Kitchen - One of my go-to classics - the other weekend at a friends cabin we made green herb shrimp with summer squash couscous - so many delicious whole food recipes. The Sprouted Kitchen blog is fantastic too - Sara and Hugh Forte are a husband and wife team - she does the cooking and he takes the beautiful photographs. I was excited to read that she is pregnant too - looking forward to seeing how their cooking evolves with children.

Grow, Harvest, Cook - Ok I don't have this one YET….I saw it at Patina the other week and paged through my friends copy - it looks like a good one - lots of ideas of how to use your gardens fruits and vegetables for cooking and storage. It's designed really well too.