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Its a constant shuffle at my desk - music, podcasts and books - whatever will inspire me keep me moving on projects and a lot of the time keep me sitting at my desk!  Some of my favorites this year: This American Life - really great episodes: Super Powers, The Fear of Sleep, The Good Guys, 20 Acts in 20 Minutes, Switched at Birth, Americans in Paris, In Dog we trust…ok really they are all good. Fresh Air - so many great interviews - especially love her interviews with comedians - Louis CK, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler and love her interview with Maurice Sendak - I think of it often. Dinner Party Download - all great but this little story about the easter bunny made me laugh SOOO hard. Serial. of course. Design Sponge podcast - after the jump. WTF with Marc Maron - some of my recent favorites - Louis CK, Julia Sweeney, Bret Easton Ellis, Will Ferrell, Remembering Robin Williams. The Moth - great story telling - this one in particular I love - Angel  


Lots of good interviews and music on World Cafe and All Songs Considered love Tiny Desk Concerts on NPR oh and of course First Listens. Lots of liked mixes on 8tracks

Audio books and comedians - Mike Birbiglia - 2 drink mike is really funny, All of Louis CK. I started listening to audiobooks too - this is a tricky one I tried a couple fiction books and couldn't get into them while working but non-fiction or memoirs are great Amy Poehler's Yes Please , and also really liked Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. Need to get a list going of some new gems for 2015…


ADDED:  LOVE startup and reply all podcasts too! both on gimlet media