Heidi SchweigertComment

New York

It was such a wild trip to NY NOW. I am so glad we did this! It went really well - not too many stumbles either. We met a lot of great people at the show, sold some stuff, and pushed ourselves to take in as much of New York as possible. 

Above: View from our hotel room in crazy times square (nice that it was an easy walk to pier 94 - but way too much for us at the end of the day - Id rather walk farther and avoid that craziness next time.) Next photos from Rockefeller Center and Jeff Koons huge sculpture The Split Rocker - created with live flowers - really a great installation. Then on through Central Park and to the Guggenheim Museum. (This was on our last day - I accidentally but thankfully scheduled a day in NY after the show was over.)

We had fantastic weather not too hot and only a couple little sprinkles so we could walk everywhere - my real rookie move though was bringing a couple pairs of seemingly comfortable but stylish shoes…that were NEW. They were quickly packed back in my suitcase after one day of wearing and never seen again.