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a few of my favorites

Spring is here - I love that slow shift to fresh garden eating - theres not really anything to gather from my garden at the moment - a handful of chives maybe/rhubarb soon… But these books are perfect for putting together meals that will satisfy that fresh garden craving.

The Forest Feast - I was so excited to Erin Gleeson's new cookbook. It is beautifully styled, photographed and illustrated and the recipes are homegrown and simple. Her blog is great too so is her inspiring cabin in the woods check out this tour of it...

It's All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow - This is a really great cookbook she put together with Julia Thurshen - a Brooklyn food writer. The recipes are healthy, fairly simple and there are some great smoothie and kids ideas too. My favorites lately from this book are Lee's Vietnamese Chopped Salad and Salmon with Sriracha Sauce.

The Sprouted Kitchen - One of my go-to classics - the other weekend at a friends cabin we made green herb shrimp with summer squash couscous - so many delicious whole food recipes. The Sprouted Kitchen blog is fantastic too - Sara and Hugh Forte are a husband and wife team - she does the cooking and he takes the beautiful photographs. I was excited to read that she is pregnant too - looking forward to seeing how their cooking evolves with children.

Grow, Harvest, Cook - Ok I don't have this one YET….I saw it at Patina the other week and paged through my friends copy - it looks like a good one - lots of ideas of how to use your gardens fruits and vegetables for cooking and storage. It's designed really well too.